How to Get Pregnant with a Boy Using the Chinese Calendar

People manifested interest in human gender selection ever since more than 2.000 years ago. We know this from many famous Greek philosophers, who have formulated different theories about how human sex is determined. The factors claimed by these sages to influence the gender of descendants are: heat and cold, left and right sides of the body, the dominance of various body parts. Regarding animal sex selection, the Roman philosopher Pliny the Elder claimed that tying the right testicle of a ram will cause him to produce only females, while tying the left one will result in only males; he does not claim that about other animals or humans.

The Chinese Calendar for Baby Gender

Throughout the centuries, numerous hypotheses about how the human gender can be set have been formulated. One of these theories refers to the influence of the astrological factor. The assumption that the celestial bodies – like the sun, the moon, the planets, the stars – can control or predict the sex of a baby is very old, but, unlike other ancient gender selection theories, this astrological supposition, although not scientifically proven, not only did it survive until today, but it also became nowadays one of the most famous sex prediction and sex selection methods among the pregnant women and the couples who want to have a baby of a chosen gender. This technique is known by all the women trying to find out how to conceive a boy. Chinese Calendar for Gender is one of the names of this astrological sex selection strategy, about which a legend says that it dates from the 13th century and is based on an ancient Chinese chart, called the “Conception Chart”.

A Method for Gender Prediction and Gender Selection

This Chinese Conception Chart is also known as the “Chinese Gender Predictor Chart” because it seems that its initial purpose was to predict to a pregnant woman the gender of the baby she carries.

Nowadays, this conception chart has two important uses: gender prediction and pre-conception gender selection. This means that this ancient Chinese chart is used not only to discover the gender of an unborn baby, but also to reveal the best times to conceive a child of a desired gender. More precisely, for many couples trying to conceive a boy, Chinese Calendar, which is based on this old chart, seems to offer a natural solution.

What this astrological method does exactly

The well-known Chinese Birth Calendar Method is actually a technique which uses the “Chinese Gender Chart” to determine the sex of an unborn baby and to choose the sex of a child prior to his or her conception. Therefore, this Chinese Pregnancy Calendar strategy is a human gender prediction tool, as well as a pre-conception human gender selection tool. So, for the women wondering “how to conceive a baby boy?”, Chinese Calendar Method may be a right answer.

PREDICTION: Conception Month + Woman’s Age => Gender

When used for achieving its initial purpose: gender prediction, the famous Chinese Gender Predictor method determines the fetal sex, considering the Chinese month (i.e. lunar month) of conception and the Chinese age (i.e. lunar age) of the mother, at the time of conception.

SELECTION: Woman’s Age + Desired Gender => Conception Months

When used for pre-conception sex selection, this technique determines the Chinese months (lunar months) in which a child of the chosen sex is more likely to be conceived, taking into account the woman’s Chinese age (her lunar age) at the moment of becoming pregnant. In the case of the parents trying to figure out how to conceive a boy, Chinese Calendar Pregnancy Method will tell them in what months a male offspring could be conceived by them.

The two essential elements that underlie this method

When using this ancient strategy, either for gender prediction or for sex selection, first of all, it’s important to understand the two main concepts on which this method is based on: the “Chinese age”, also known as the “lunar age”, and the “Chinese month”, also known as the “lunar month”.

Many websites describe this calendar strategy for gender prediction and selection in a simple, incomplete and misleading way, using the two keywords of this calendar method – month and age – without other determiners besides “woman/mother” and “conception”. The “Boy or Girl Chinese Calendar” technique actually uses the “Chinese month” (or “lunar month”) of conception and the “Chinese age” (or “lunar age”) of the mother in the moment she gets pregnant.

As I said previously, the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar technique for sex prediction and selection is based on an ancient chart. This old chart is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which is based on the Chinese lunar year. That’s why the lunar age is calculated different from the common (western) age, and also the lunar months begin and end at another dates than the months used in Europe and America. This is the reason why the couples that use the Chinese Calendar to conceive a boy or a girl must be very careful when computing the periods of the lunar months and the mother’s lunar age at the time of conception.

The Chinese Gender Chart

The conception chart used by this ancient method is actually a statistic table, whose columns correspond to the Chinese (lunar) months of conception, while the rows correspond to the Chinese (lunar) age of mother, at the time of conception. Each cell of this table represents the gender of a baby that has the most chances to be conceived in the corresponding lunar month, by a woman of the corresponding lunar age at the moment of conception. Many websites have published this gender chart, that actually represents the “Girl or Boy Chinese Calendar”. One important thing that all the couples interested in this strategy must know is that the periods of the lunar months change every year.

This Method’s Success Rate

The Chinese Gender Calendar Method for sex prediction and selection is not scientifically proven. Moreover, its accuracy is questioned by the numerous examples of twins of different sexes and by the following logical consequence of this technique, consequence that doesn’t hold true all the time: all the babies conceived in the same Chinese (lunar) month by mothers of the same Chinese (lunar) age at the moment of conception must have the same gender.

In fact, this astrological method is a statistical strategy, which doesn’t pretend to have an 100 % success rate, because the values in the cells of the Chinese Gender Chart are the values with the “most chances to” or that are “more likely to” hold true.

Even if this astrological technique has been designed for increasing the likelihood of determining the fetal sex and the one of conceiving a baby of a desired gender – including for conceiving a boy, Chinese Calendar Boy or Girl Method has a success rate that has been estimated to around 50 %, which is actually the success rate of having a baby of a chosen gender without using any sex selection strategy and the success rate of guessing the sex of a fetus in the absence of the help of any gender prediction tool.

Moreover, there is no official information regarding this gender selection and prediction technique, while all the web resources depict it like a traditional, legendary and cultural method.

All the reasons above – lack of official and scientific support, contradiction with reality, insignificant success rate and the traditional and legendary reputation – tell to all the persons trying to find out how to conceive a boy: Chinese Calendar Baby Method of gender prediction and selection is a superstitious strategy, suitable only for entertainment.

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