Chinese Birth Calendar

Although the Chinese Birth Calendar is not a part of western medical practice, many couples have claimed to have been able to conceive a baby boy by using this method.  The Chinese Birth Chart has been in use for hundreds of years and revolves around the Chinese Lunar Calendar.  Originally, the Chinese Birth Calendar was used by the royal family of China in order to conceive as many boys as possible.  The calendar was offered to the general public only in the twentieth century.

Chinese Birth Calendar

For the calendar to be effective in conceiving a boy, several things must first be done.  To begin with, the age of the mother must be translated into her Chinese age.  The month of the hoped-to-be conception must also be transcribed into the Chinese Calendar.  The days to conceive a boy will be denoted on a specially prepared chart.  The chart consists of the months being listed along the top of the chart.  On the left side, descending from the youngest to the oldest, is the age of the mother-to-be.  Twenty eight days are covered for each month, to correspond with the menstrual cycle.  The days on which it will be most likely that a boy will be conceived are then shown for each month.

According to Folk Wisdom, it is possible to increase your chances of conceiving a boy if you follow a certain dietary plan.  The mother-to-be should make sure that she eats plenty of meat, especially red meat.  Salty food should also help and the father should drink coffee or any beverages with caffeine.

The sexual position chosen is also considered by folk wisdom or urban legends to help to conceive a boy.  Some suggest having sex while standing up, or have sex from the rear.  Also important in conceiving a boy is for the woman to remain lying down for fifteen or twenty minutes after sex.  This probably allows the swifter, but more fragile, male sperm to achieve their goal more easily.  Another position thought to promote the conception of a boy is a form of the missionary position.  However, this time, the woman’s knees should be brought up to the man’s shoulders to allow for better penetration, once again, favoring the more active male sperm.

Finally, some people swear that timing your sex to the cycles of the moon can help you to conceive a boy.  The phase of the moon best thought to conceive a boy is during the quarter moon, and going along with this, having sex at night is also supposed to help a boy be born.

While these methods are not scientific, many people have sworn that they have been able to conceive a boy while practicing them.  Regardless of whether you choose to employ a more exact, medical method, the above methods can be used along with the other to help increase your chances of conceiving a boy.

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