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How to Conceive a Girl Using the Chinese Calendar Method

Did you know that you can increase your chances of conceiving a girl by scheduling your sexual intercourse?

The simplest timing strategy is the Chinese Calendar method, which uses a table to indicate when you ought to make love for having a daughter. Read this article to discover how to properly use this Gender Predictor Calendar.

A Natural Strategy – a Timing One

You should know that this method of increasing the chances of conceiving a baby with the preferred gender is a natural one. On this blog I also published articles focused on the other natural techniques of gender predetermination:

Just like the Shettles Method mentioned above, the Chinese Gender Calendar Method is also a timing strategy, because it schedules the sexual intercourse – namely, it tells when you ought to make love for increasing your likelihood of getting pregnant with a girl or boy, as you prefer. But, unlike the Shettles Method, which has some scientific explanations (which are, however, pretty contested), the Chinese Method is based on a legend and on astrology, and it has no scientific support. You can read more about this legendary strategy and its accuracy in my other posts on this blog.

Before going into details about how you can use this ancient strategy, let’s make an idea about its essence: the Chinese Gender Chart.

A Table with Chinese Lunar Meaning

How to Conceive a Girl Using the Chinese Calendar Method

So, you want to enhance your likelihood of getting pregnant with a daughter, right? And you are curious how you could do this using the legendary Chinese strategy, aren’t you?

Well, this ancient technique of gender predetermination is based on an interesting tool, which, if you know how to use, you’ll discover that utilizing the Chinese Calendar Method is actually a piece of cake.

In this article I teach you how to use this tool, which is, in fact, just a table, with rows and columns. But there is a small problem with this table: it can’t be understood by everyone. Why? Well, that’s because its dates are not common; I mean they are not Gregorian, like we all identify the time in the Western part of the world. [Read more…]

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