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How to Conceive a Girl Diet

How to Conceive a Girl DietBefore conception happens, many couples are setting the gender preference of their offspring. This specific approach of thinking has been proven ever since the olden days. There are two treatments that are relatively artificial that science recommends for this thing – the MicroSort and PGD with IVF. Nonetheless it’s actually a natural solution which the majority of interested couples opt for. In the meantime, diet is really quite important whenever thinking about how to have a baby girl by way of all-natural approaches. This idea originated from the brilliant minds of Dr. Joseph Stolkowski and Dr. Jacques Lorrain.

It was proven that a woman could have a girl if she follows the diet to conceive a girl. This was found out in 1970’s and the folks behind it were Dr. Stolkowski and Dr. Lorrain. A comprehensive research on dietary means for preconceptional choice of fetal sex was exactly what they did and they discovered that indeed, the diet plays an important role in having a baby girl. The diet menu includes those food items that have higher quantity of calcium and magnesium. Couples should avoid foods that are high in salt and potassium. ”Calcium and magnesium method” and “girl diet” are the two other terms that individuals can call in the diet plan. [Read more…]

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